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Heisenberg Programm - Research Project

The experiencing and remembering of conversion according to Paul and "John“. A new comparison of their theological thought patterns from an interdisciplinary and orthodox perspective


This project addresses a controversial issue currently debated in New Testament research, i.e. the relationship of the Johannine literature (except the Apocalypse) to Paul. While several attempts have been undertaken to compare the two authors mainly in terms of theology or the history of traditions no one has compared them yet from the perspective of the conversion of the early Christian communities’ members. Accordingly, this project explores the concept of conversion in both authors. The research project mainly focuses on the exegesis of relevant Pauline and Johannine texts (from both a synchronous and a diachronic aspect). Additionally, this inquiry goes beyond important aspects of current New Testament exegesis and will explore the Eastern Orthodox reception of the New Testament as well as the interdisciplinary field of "conversion research." Therefore, this project also refers to current trends in the empirical conversion research and examines the reception of the relevant texts in the Eastern Orthodox Church.