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Contemporary Models of Conversion and Identity Transformation
Conversion to Early Christianity: In-Sights from Cognitive Psychology
Religious and Philosophical Conversion in Paul and John
A Conversion of the Inner Being? The Philology of Shuv in the Hebrew Bible and Beyond
The Problematic Return of Ruth
Confession of Sins as Essential Part of a Conversion
Perspectives on Conversion in the Book of Job and the Testament of Job
“To make tešuḇā“ ( לעשות תשובה ): “Turning” in Tannaitic Literature
Back to a Classic Debate: Conversion and Salvation in Ancient Mystery Cults?
Strategies of Conversion in the Pseudo-Orphic Hieros Logos: A Cognitive Approach
Can an Ass Convert? Lucius' Prayer to Isis as the Beginning of his Self-Transformation in Apuleius' Metamorphoses, Compared to Augustine's Theory of Grace
Stoic Conversion and Philosophical Paideia: Conceptual Difficulties and Thematic Affinities
The Origins of Conversion in Pagan Texts of the Second Sophistic
Conversion to Philosophy in Diogenes Laertius: Forms and Functions
'Consider yourselves dead' (Rom 6:11): Biographical Re-construction, Conversion, and the Death of the Self in Romans
Christ in the Eye of the Beholder: A Re-reading of Pauline Charis in the Autobiographical Conversion Narratives of Galatians 1 and 1 Corinthians 15
Is there Conversion in the Synoptic Gospels? A “Problemanzeige“
‘The Awake and Sober Man’: A Key Motif in the Rhetoric of Conversion of Hellenistic Stoicism
μετανοεῖτε· Dimensions of Conversion in the ‘Sermon on the Mount’
The Elect/Election Concepts and Their Relationship to Conversion/Penitence Experiences in Christian Pseudepigrapha
Predestined for Conversion? Reconsidering Heracleon’s “Valentinian” Reading of John
Conversion from Physic to Pneumatic and vice versa: Moving in and out of a Gnostic Community
Repentance in Heaven and on Earth: A Foundation for Transformation in Joseph and Aseneth?
Narrating the Conversion of Corinth. Luke’s Approach to Community Conversions
The Narratives of Conversions in the Acts of the Apostles in the Exegetical Writings of John Chrysostom
The Relationship between Almsgiving and Conversion for the New Testament Αuthors
The Question of Origen's Conversion and the Philosophico-Theological Lexicon of Epistrophē
Law and Conversion in St. Augustine: Improving the Current Model
Conversion from Byzantium: From Neoplatonism to the Cultural Politics of the Enlightenment