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Enemy, Stranger, Neighbor, Friend

ESNF Post 

The Global Network for Excellence in Theology (G_NET) at the  University of Bonn and the Institute for Faith and Flourishing invite you to participate in the "Enemy, Stranger, Neighbor, Friend" 2021 programme (Oct 4- Nov 1, 2021).

The Enemy, Stranger, Neighbor, and Friend (ESNF) training programme draws upon our original ESNF Rough Guide on Religion and Othering and your experience in youth-led projects focusing on such topics as: peace and conflict, community building, inclusive practices, and interdenominational and interreligious cooperation. The programme will consist of 5 fundamental capacity-sharing tracks combining theoretical and applied skills focused on the categories of Enemy, Stranger, Neighbor, and Friend. Participation will require approximately 2 hours of work per week for 5 weeks. Live gatherings will be held Mondays 14:30-16:00 Central European Summer Time CEST. 

The programme also provides opportunities to highlight your own project experiences and ideas. The programme aims that young leaders equip each other by sharing core concepts and creative outlets for re-forming ideas, images and practices of otherness from negative and harmful into positive and reconciling forms of relationships.

G_NET would like to invite you to participate in the ESNF programme and to learn from your expertise. We are certain that your insights will help enrich this programme as we work with one another’s religious traditions to promote positive relationships, social resilience, and flourishing. 

To apply send an email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] including the following:

  • Your name, [non]faith affiliation 
  • Location 
  • Experience with youth-led or youth-focused projects focused on positive change
  • 1-Sentence Motivation Statement: Why do youth and religion matter for reconciliation and peacebuilding?

Application deadline is September 26, 2021. You are welcome to share this with other youth-led/youth-focused, faith-based, interreligious and ecumenical organizations that might be interested!

Do not hesitate to contact us via [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] if you have any questions or comments. 


Best regards from the GNET team!


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