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Claudia Kampmann is a post-doctoral researcher in Church History at the Faculty for Protestant Theology. She studied Theology in Göttingen, Rom, München and Bonn and holds a PhD from the University of Bonn. Claudia’s first monograph is entitled "Adolf Harnack about the Women's Quest. A study in Church History" which deals with Adolf Harnack's support of the "women's quest" in Wilhelmine Prussia. Her current research aims, together with Prof Kinzig, at the publication of the correspondence between Friedrich Althoff and Adolf Harnack."

Research Interests: 

Correspondence between Adolf Harnack and Friedrich Althoff 


Selected Publications:

Review: Reform, Reformer, Reformation. Vorträge zur Geschichte des Christentums und seiner jüdischen Vorgeschichte, ed. by Andreas Graf von Hardenberg, Berlin 2011, in: Zeitschrift für Kirchengeschichte 124 (2014), p. 216-218.
"Adolf Harnack zur "Frauenfrage". Eine kirchengeschichtliche Studie (Arbeiten zur Kirchen- und Theologiegeschichte 49), Leipzig 2018"

"Adolf Harnacks Beteiligung an der Schulreform 1900, in: ZKG 129 (2018), 179-218"



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