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Inja Inderst, M.A.

Research Associate for the Office of Student Affairs
Contact Person for Exam Preparation

Inja Inderst Foto

E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
Phone: 0228 73 7920
Office: 2.012
Office Hours: by appointment

Research Interests: 

prison ministry, doctrine of pastoral care, pastoral care and ethics, interfaith pastoral care

Selected Publications and Presentations: 

'What Does Practical Theology do?,' presented at the Symposium for 'What Does Theology do, actually?,' May 2019, University of Bonn

Inderst, Inja: Die Wiederentdeckung der Seelsorge für die theologische Ethik, in: Texte aus der VELKD 177 (2016), 4-14.

„Die Wiederentdeckung der Seelsorge für die theologische Ethik,“ presented at the Workshop „Ethik und Seelsorge“ in June 2016 at the JGU Mainz

Editor for the Bonn Exegetical Lexicon (BEL)


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