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Coronavirus Updates

With the aim of slowing the spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), the Rectorate of the University of Bonn, in agreement with the faculties, has decided on further measures. In particular, from Monday, March 16, 2020 on, all exams planned for the coming weeks will be cancelled and postponed to a later date. The exams should be rescheduled before the start of the courses in the summer semester.


Exams are Postponed


In special cases it is possible to take exams in a form that does not require personal contact between examiners and students. This requires explicit approval from examiners and examinees, which must be recorded in writing before the examination. Alternative exam formats may also be used. The decision lies with the respective examination board in coordination with the examiners. Applications for the execution of examinations within the framework of these special regulations must be submitted by the examinees to the Evangelical Theology Examination Office.


State examinations and church examinations are not the subject to this decision, because they are not subject to the University of Bonn, but to the state or church examination offices.


Libraries are Closed


The University and State Library of Bonn have ceased operations on Saturday. Books can still be borrowed at the times seen and updated on the ULB homepage. The decentralized libraries of the institutes and seminars will be closed until Sunday until further notice. For all students who are currently working on homework (Hausarbeit) in a course of study at the Faculty of Protestant Theology, the submission deadlines will be extended by the time the libraries are closed.


Teaching Interrupted 


Current courses such as lectures, seminars or internships will not take place unless they can be continued online. Additional information, including any existing exceptions, is available on BASIS or on the faculty's website.


The Rectorate has also decided to set up task forces for research, teaching and university operations. If the situation relaxes in the coming days and weeks, the Rectorate will announce new regulations. Students are asked to inform themselves regularly on the websites of the degree programs and on eCampus.


Enrollment for the summer semester is possible by mail


Anyone wishing to enroll at the University of Bonn in the next few weeks for the 2020 summer semester can do so in writing (by mail). A personal appearance in the Office of Student Affairs (Studiendekanat) is not required. The required documents can be submitted as copies that have been officially certified. The registration form and further information are available on the website of the Studiendekanat.


Further information and regular updates on the situation at the University of Bonn as a whole can be found on the university homepage.




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