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Courses of Study in German

Protestant Theology (certification to enter a pastoral internship program)/Evangelische Theologie (Abschluss Kirchliches Examen)

Protestant Theology/Evangelische Theologie (Abschluss Fakultätsexamen/Mag. theol.)

Protestant Theology and Hermeneutics, B.A./Evangelische Theologie und Hermeneutik (Abschluss Bachelor of Arts)

Protestant Religious Education (Bachelor of Teaching)/Evangelische Religionslehre

Protestant Theology (Master of Arts)/Evangelische Theologie (Abschluss Master of Arts)

Protestant Religious Education (Master of Teaching)/Evangelische Religionslehre (Abschluss Master of Education)

Advantages of Studying in German

Receiving your degree in Germany and in the German language has many advantages!
It opens up the doors for the possibility of working as a pastor, in church leadership, or teacher of religion in a country with a high quality of life index and excellent job security. 
Broadens your horizons and cultural awareness by becoming bilingual and fully immersing yourself in another country.
With proper language preparation, gives you the chance to earn a degree abroad with significantly lower cost than in North America or Great Britain (almost no costs aside from living expenses).

Language Requirements and Help

A C1 certificate in German is required. 
Students around the world have earned a C1 certificate by dedicating the proper time and practice to intensive language studies. This is particularly within reach for those who may have studied German as a second language in high school or secondary school programs.
A C1 certificate is considered fluent and is an assessment given by the Goethe Institute. For information regarding classes, programs, and testing dates, please visit their American site or German site. Alternatively, a DSH score of 2 is also grounds for acceptance at the University of Bonn. Specific information on the DSH can be obtained here.
Please note that testing dates are only available a few times a year and must be planned in advance and in accordance to when you wish to begin your studies. 
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