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The Library of Protestant and Catholic Theology is open Mon-Fri from 8:00-20:00 and on Saturdays from 9:00-13:00. It offers a stock of approximately 190,000 titles, including over 650 journal subscriptions. As a reference library, almost the entire collection is kept available within the library, thus allowing direct access at all times without needing to wait for titles to be returned.

The University and State Library (ULB) provides more than 2.25 million volumes, including more than 5,500 current print journals, to  to faculty and students at the University of Bonn. The central library building with local lending and reading rooms is open Mon-Sun 8:00-24:00.



An der Schlosskirche 2-4
53113 Bonn


Tel.: 0228 73-7817

Academic Director for Protestant Theology:

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hauschildt

An der Schlosskirche 2-4
Tel.0228  73-7607


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 Who can use the Library?


The Fachbibliothek Ev. - Kath. Theologie der Universität Bonn can be used by anyone in possession of a valid ID, passport, student identity card or ULB Bonn library card. There are no fees charged for the use of the library.

The Fachbibliothek Ev. - Kath. Theologie der Universität Bonn respects Bonn University and State library (ULB) policies. 


Can I borrow books, journals or other materials from the Library?


Library materials may be used  only on site, since this is a reference library.


What can I take into the Library?


Coats and bags may not be taken into the reading rooms or stacks. Coin-operated lockers are available for your use. You may take water in transparent, re-closable plastic bottles into the Library. No other beverages or food are permitted.

Please note that the loss of the locker key incurs a fee.


Can I print, copy or scan in the Library?


Print and copy stations (multifunction devices) are located at the ground floor of the Library. Copy cards can be purchased from the card vending machines in the Main Library, the MNL Branch Library, Juridicum and the main building of Bonn University. Saving to a USB memory stick at the self-service scanning station is free of charge.


Where can I find what I need?


The Library is an open stack library, meaning that holdings are distributed in the entire building. They can be freely taken from the shelves and used in the Library. Materials must be duly returned to their proper place after use. The reading room is located on first floor.

The first room on the right after passing through the entrance is equipped with Service PCs for search use in the online ULB and other catalogues. The second and third rooms from the entrance have computers with unlimited internet access within the university network for members of the University of Bonn. A Student ID number and password is required in order to log in.


Do I have Wi-Fi connection in the Library?


Yes. The Fachbibliothek Ev. - Kath. Theologie der Universität Bonn offers WiFi Internet access for members of the University of Bonn, and Eduroam for students and researchers from other universities.


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