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Study in English


Study in English

The Protestant Department offers several opportunities to study at the University of Bonn in English. The perfect choice for international students wishing to further their studies in Germany at a low-cost, world-class institution.


Master of Arts in Ecumenical Studies/Master of Arts in Extended Ecumenical Studies

This interdisciplinary, two semester, English-language degree program with a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree is primarily aimed at international students and conveys multiple perspectives on ecumenical issues. Please note enrollment is only open for Winter semesters (German Winter semesters begin in October) 

ERASMUS and Study Abroad

Taking part in ERASMUS or a Study Abroad program gives you the opportunity to spend a portion of your studies here with us at The University of Bonn.

Doctoral Studies

Doctoral studies in Germany are unstructured and quite different from those in The United States. For starters, there is no ‘formal’ application process. If you find a professor who shares your research interests, you may contact them in hopes of being taken on. Once a professor agrees to supervise your English dissertation, they will discuss with you if any coursework is needed (i.e. Latin), and only then will you register with the University of Bonn.



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