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Master of Arts Ecumenical Studies


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This interdisciplinary, English-language Master of Arts (M.A.) degree program is primarily aimed at international students and conveys multiple perspectives on ecumenical issues. The standard period of study is 2 semesters (Ecumenical Studies) or 4 semesters (Extended Ecumenical Studies). Enrollment is only available for the winter semester.

The one-year master program "Ecumenical Studies" (MESt) as well as the two-year version "Extended Ecumenical Studies" (MEESt) provide students with knowledge and familiarity of their own as well as other traditions within Christianity. The two-year variant is aimed at students who have completed a three-year Bachelor's degree course without additional degrees; the one-year option requires a four-year Bachelor degree course or equivalent degrees. 

Both teachers and students come from different denominations and different disciplinary backgrounds. While many students come from different countries (and even different religions), they share a knowledge of religious issues and the plurality of Christianity (ecumenism).

The program depends upon interaction between teachers and students as well as from the exchange between students. The variety of perspectives and experiences is not ignored in the events, but deliberately reflected upon and mutually respected without missionary impetus.

The Master's program is carried out by the Protestant Theological Faculty in cooperation with the Center for Religion and Society(ZERG) of the University of Bonn. The ZERG unites the research areas of  Protestant Theology, Catholic Theology, Philosophy, Law, Political Science, and Medicine. 

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