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Church History

Church History

Welcome to the Department of Church History

The theological discipline of church history has the task of documenting and exploring the historical manifestations and developments of Christianity and Christian theology in all its diversity. Traditionally, the main areas of research in church history in Bonn are the history of the Old Church, the Reformation Churches and the Rhineland Church (the latter being a separate organizational unit). The Chair of Old Church History is occupied by Prof. Dr. Wolfram Kinzig, while the Chair of Modern Church History, in particular Reformation History, is occupied by Prof. Dr. Ute Mennecke.

Regardless of the respective specialization, all faculty members cover the entire spectrum of church history in their lectures and seminars. The department also offers courses in the area of ​​denominational studies. Additionally, there is a regular exchange with the Faculty of Theology and Religion of the University of Oxford.  Several third-party funded projects affiliated with the department make Bonn a center of Protestant-theological church history research. Of particular note are the edition of the Geistliches Blumen-Gärtlein Inniger Seelen by Pietist Gerhard Tersteegen, which was led by Prof. Mennecke and funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, as well as the DFG's long-term project 'The Acts of the Council of Ephesus 431,' and 'Faith in Formulae,' a collection of ancient creeds published by Prof. Kinzig.

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