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Institute of Hermeneutics

Hermeneutics can be approached in a number of ways: in the classic form of the interpretation of texts, in interpretation of the Bible, as a form of analysis in the philosophy of religion, in aesthetics in the interpretation of art, or in the interpretation of the meaning of forms of life. At the Bonn Institute for Hermeneutics (IfH) we employ all of these approaches, with their specific methods, in collaborative conversation and exchange with domestic and international colleagues. Characteristic of the Bonn IfH is its approach to theology as an interpretation of culture and society. The IfH examines questions in systematic and practical theology in connection with one another in research on social interactions and phenomena that are embedded in the concrete life-world. Both the projects of Cornelia Richter, which draw on methods in classical hermeneutical and the philosophy of religion, and those of Eberhard Hauschildt, which employ the perspectives of social theory, fit in the general hermeneutical paradigm of the Bonn IfH.

The overarching methodological paradigm of the IfH is represented currently in the large, interdisciplinary and multi-stage research project on the “Hermeneutics of Resilienz: Modes of Perseverance and of the Construction of Powerlessness, Anxiety, and Concern.”



Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hauschildt

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Richter


An der Schlosskirche 2-4
53113 Bonn

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