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New Testament

 Website for online Bible study (

NA28, the LXX and the BHS (without critical commentary). There is also a quotable online dictionary, WiBiLex, with lots of articles relating to biblical studies.

NT Gateway (

The New Testament Gateway provides you with different sources concerning the New Testament: text editions, translations, open source scholarly publications on canonical and non-canonical texts of Early Christianity and New Testament research topics.

Torreys (

Compendium of links leading to New Testament research results, focusing on source texts, translations and working aids (including Philo, Josephus, Qumran and the Church Fathers).

Bonnus Uni Bonn (

Online catalogue of the University and State Library (ULB) Bonn.

Index Theologicus (

Search engine for theological publications of the University of Tübingen.

Index Religiosus (

Search engine for theological literature.


Another important search engine for theological literature, the Biblical Bibliography of Lausanne.


Thesaurus Linguae Graecae is a digital library, offering Ancient Greek literature (access via the University of Bonn’s data network only).

Perseus Digital Library (

Database of Ancient Greek and Latin texts, often with English translations. There is also the Greek and Latin Word Study Tool, which offers grammatical analyses and dictionary articles on Greek and Latin grammatical forms.


Library of the Church Fathers, a compendium of German translations of the Church Father’s.

Leuven Database of Ancient Books (

Database of ancient documents from around 800 BC to 600 AD.

Sammlung Tusculum (

Collection of standard references of Greek and Latin literature, offered as text editions and translations.



PACE-Project (

The Project on Ancient Cultural Engagement offers, amongst other things, the text of Josephus' works with an annotated translation, searchable indices, and a bibliography.

Brill's Flavius Josephus Online-edition (

Brill's Flavius Josephus Online-edition not only has the texts and translations, but also offers commentaries,  introductions, and excursus on Josephus's works.

JTS Library (


This search engine of the Jewish Theological Seminary offers extensive material for the study of Judaism from all times and places.


Ma ´  agarim (


The database Ma’agarim offers an historical dictionary and allows users to search hebrew texts from antiquity to today. A tutorial video is available and contains English subtitles; to use the site fully, some knowledge of Ivrit is still required.


Bar Ilan Responsa Project (


The Bar Ilan Responsa Project is the largest digital database of rabbinic texts, containing the eponymous responsa literature as well as many relevant rabbinic texts (including the Mishnah, the Talmudim, the Shulchan Aruch and others).


Sefaria (


An extensive open source library containing many rabbinic texts in translation and with commentary. While the site is aesthetically pleasing and clearly laid out, Sefaria does require some care to use, because the cited source text is not always made obvious; it is not academically quotable.


Jewish Virtual Library (


A digital library containing, amongst others, parts of the Babylonian Talmud in Michael Rodkinson’s english translation from 1918. The project is maintained by AICE.


Soncino Talmud (


The English Soncino-Talmud.


Ancient World Online (


AWOL is a collection of free articles and monographs concerned with antiquity, amongst them many classics of the study of ancient Judaism (by Jacob Neusner, for example!).


Jastrow (


Jastrow’s „Dictionary of Targumim, Talmud Bavli, Talmud Yerushalmi and Midrashic Literature“ is still a benchmark for post-biblical texts in Hebrew and Aramaic. 


Targumic Studies Module (


The Targumic Studies Module shows relevant passages from the Targumim with their respective biblical counterpart. A sufficient knowledge of Aramaic is required.


Jewish Manuscripts (


The online portal of the Friedberg Jewish Manuscript Society links to six collections of Jewish manuscripts, among them those from the Cairo Genizah.


Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library (


The project offers the texts and fragments found near Qumran in impressively digitized photographs.


Brill-Ausgabe der Dead Sea Scrolls Biblical Texts (


Non-Biblical Texts (


Brill’s Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library offers photographs as well as an English translation, the parallel biblical texts where applicable, and explanatory comments for the biblical and non-biblical texts found near Qumran. (access only via the University of Bonn’s data network)

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