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Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Studies

old testament

Welcome to the Department of Old Testament Studies

The academic study of the Old Testament - the Hebrew Bible - examines the world and environment which surrounds it, and contributes to the foundational research of theology. The history of Israel in the one thousand years prior to Christ, as well as the religious and theological history of ancient Israel and Judah during this time are found within this field of research.

As a historical discipline, our department works together with ancient Near Eastern studies, Egyptology, Semitic studies, classical philology/Classics, and Jewish studies. As a theological discipline, it furthermore finds itself situated within the conversations of New Testament Studies, Church History, as well as Systematic and Practical Theology.

Areas of focus in the Department of Old Testament Studies at the University of Bonn are at present, Psalms and Psalter research, exegesis of the Prophets and the interpretation of the Old Testament wisdom literature. The predominant focus (therein) is the reconstruction of the Literary and Theological History of the Old Testament (Prof. Dr. Markus Saur).   

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