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Systematic Theology

systematic theology

Welcome to the Department of Systematic Theology

Systematic theology is a critical discipline. It's task is to examine present Christian thought, discourse and actions in response and with respect to the Biblical sources and Christian tradition. It reflects on presuppositions and sources of theological understanding and discovers criteria for responsible Christian discourse about God and actions in society. It engages not only with the two classical disciplines of doctrine and ethics, but also history of theology, philosophy of religion, ecumenics, theology of religion, Judaism, other confessions or religions, and Atheism.

Our department is broken down into three disciplines, each headed by an academic chair:

Systematic Theology and Hermeneutics

Systematic theology and Hermeneutics sees itself as committed to a ‘hermeneutical, relational, and at the same time, approachable model of doctrinal understanding. Professor Dr. Cornelia Richter is the academic chair.

Systematic Theology/Dogma and Ethics

The professorship for Systematic Theology/Dogma and Ethics with a focus in religious education is scheduled to be filled in the upcoming 2020/21 Winter Semester.

Systematic Theology/Ethics

The Professorship for Systematic Theology/Ethics is vacant and scheduled to be filled in the upcoming 2020/21 Winter Semester.
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