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Dogmatics in Religious Education

Aside from resources specifically focused on studying in preparation to teach religion in primary and secondary schools, there have hardly been systematic-theological and ethical study volumes for these programs of study. The short length of study required (in comparison to the full program of study in Protestant Theology) itself requires a change of pedagogical perspective such that the theological material to be presented and learned at university is viewed in light of the demands of presenting this material to pupils in the schools. This different methodological approach has not yet been considered and will be implemented on a trial basis in various projects. These projects proceed from the observation that dogmatic concepts are difficult for teachers to communicate and for students to understand in the everyday school environment but that they nevertheless seem to university students to be enormously relevant precisely in the school context. They examine this tension by pairing phenomena in students’ circle of experience with systematic-theological concepts. One such project, currently underway, looks at forms of hope and happiness among school-age students and examines the presentation of these themes in school curricula vis-à-vis the systematic-theological toposof eschatology. A multi-pronged doctoral project on the interconnection of theological research and the teaching of religion is currently being planned that will result in a textbook on systematic theology with primary reference to praxis in the school context.


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