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Students Speak

“Theology, for me personally, is something that always acts according to the situation it’s in. It is always looking for engagement, whether it’s with other fields or with society.” - Carla Weitensteiner

“It was a transformative experience in my life. I enrolled in the program as a student, and graduated as a potential academic. The process helped me to find my professional way, working on Persian Christian literature.”  - Ali B. Langroudi, Iran

“Theology, to me, isn’t something that’s done only for yourself, alone in your room, but something many, many people work on together.” - Sebastian Rogowsky

“After eight years of studying theology in the US and in Togo, I came across the MESt. This program has completely enriched my knowledge and understanding of different Christian denominations, cultural and ethnic traditions, and religions from across the globe. We live in a colourful world, full of different beliefs and practices, and as a theologian one needs to have a better understanding of the world around them. And that is exactly what the MESt has given me.” -Christelle A.,Togo, Roman-Catholic

“Thank you MESt Family. I am so thankful for all your hard work. The program is remarkable, you will learn how to talk and engage in an ecumenical setting, and most importantly, you will find a very caring and homely environment to study and grow while you are there.” -Hanna K., South Korea, Presbyterian

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