Dr. Aneke Dornbusch

Aneke Dornbusch is a research assistant at the subdepartment of Modern Church History at the Faculty of Protestant Theology of the University of Bonn.


  • 1991 born in Melle
  • 2011-2018 Studies in Protestant Theology in Göttingen and London
  • 2018-2022 Doctoral studies in Göttingen, at the same time repetiteur of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Hanover
  • 2022 Doctorate; Doctoral thesis: "Hermann Dörries (1895-1977) - Ein Kirchenhistoriker im Wandel der politischen Systeme Deutschlands" (Supervisor Prof. Dr. Peter Gemeinhardt)
  • Since 2022 Research assistant (post-doc) at the University of Bonn, Faculty of Protestant Theology, Chair of Modern Church History

Aneke Dornbusch
© Swen Pförtner
Münzen I
© Aneke Dornbusch / Universität Bonn

Research Interests

  • Contemporary church history
  • History of theology in the 20th century
  • Reformatory heterodoxy in the early Reformation (Argelander Starter Kit Grand "Netzwerke der Diffamierung und Verfolgung reformatorischer Devianz in Süddeutschland, 1525–1530")

"Netzwerke der Diffamierung und Verfolgung reformatorischer Devianz in Süddeutschland, 1525–1530"  (Networks of Diffamation and Persecution of Reformatory Deviance in South Germany)

The aim of the project is to analyse processes of defamation and persecution of deviant reformatory movements, such as the Anabaptist movement, in southern German cities in the early Reformation period. It asks how these processes functioned supra-regionally and as an interplay of literary and concrete-legal processes. It is assumed that "persecution networks" were established between the southern German cities, which were themselves in the process of forming a new Protestant identity, in which stereotypes of the "others" were spread, but which also made concrete persecution possible. Within the project, the relevant sources are first collected and then analysed with the help of a database. Methodologically the project will work with the  concept of "othering"  and social network analysis from the social sciences. It wants to offer a contribution to religious conflict research and to coming to terms with forms of violent treatment of (religious) minorities.

Münzen II
Coins from Münster during the Anabaptist Reign (British Museum) © Aneke Dornbusch / Universität Bonn


Aneke Dornbusch has won the REFORC Paper Award 2023 for her paper “Concerning the Defamation and Execution of the ‘Radical’ Ludwig Hätzer (1500-1529): An Attempt at Using Social Network Analysis on Small Samples”

For a list of publications by Aneke Dornbusch please refer to the German version of this website.


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Dr. Aneke Dornbusch

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+49 228 73-3604

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By appointment by e-mail.

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