Dates and Deadlines

Find out about important dates and deadlines for your studies at the Faculty of Protestant Theology. From registration deadlines to semester dates to exam dates – everything at a glance.

Good to Know

The deadlines and dates mentioned here apply to all exams and events that are the responsibility of the Faculty of Protestant Theology. 

Examinations and events in subjects or modules that are the responsibility of other faculties are subject to the Examination Office responsible for the exam. Information about which Examination Office is responsible can be obtained from the Protestant Theology Examination Office.

Deadlines for the registration for examinations and for the submission of written work are firm. If the deadline is not adhered to, subsequent registration or subsequent submission of the work is not possible.

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Dates and Deadlines at the Faculty of Protestant Theology

The enrollment deadlines and application deadlines depend on the degree you would like to pursue at the University of Bonn. Admission-free degree programs have different deadlines than those with admission restrictions.

Details and exact times can be found on the application deadlines page1 of the University of Bonn.

Winter Semester 2023/24

  • Registration period: 04.09. to 16.10.2023
  • Registration amendment period: 23.10. to 11.12.2023

There are usually two examination phases available in the semester in which the module is offered:

  • the first is immediately following the lecture period
  • the second is at the end of the semester
  • when the module is not offered, only the first exam period is available
  • in some cases the entire semester break is a valid exam period – they can be found below

You must be registered to sit for an exam – the registration deadline is binding. Otherwise, you can only take the examination in the following semester. You may then have to register again. Please inform yourself.

For Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, the registration for examinations is always done electronically in BASIS. Exceptions for the degree program “Evangelische Theologie” leading towards a church examination or the degree of Magister Theologiae can be found in the general information on examinations.

The registration deadlines for the various examinations are announced by the examination board for each semester.

Deadlines Winter Semester 2023/24

  • Dates and deadlines for the course of studies in “Evangelische Theologie” (Kirchl. Examen/Magister Theologiae) can be found here (PDF)
  • Dates for Bachelor's and Master's degree programs (including B.A./M.Ed. in Religious Education) can be found here (PDF)

Intermediate Examinations

Intermediate examinations are offered every semester and consist of a written exam and an oral exam. The written exam takes place in the last week of lectures. The date of the oral exam must be within 4 weeks after the written exam. The exact date must be agreed upon with the examiner.

Final Exams

Final exams follow approximately the schedule below:

Start of the Integration Period in the Winter Semester

  • Registration for final exams: Mid-December  
  • Start of Academic Papers (12 weeks): Mid-February  
  • Start of Sermon Papers (2 weeks): Mid-May  
  • Due date for Sermon Papers : End of May  
  • Examinations: End of June/Beginning of July            
  • Oral Exams: 2nd half of September  

Start of the Integration Period in the Summer Semester

  • Registration for final exams: Mid-June
  • Start of Academic Papers (12 weeks): Beginning of August
  • Start of Sermon Papers (2 weeks): End of October
  • Due date for Sermon Papers: Beginning of November
  • Examinations: 2nd half of January
  • Oral Exams: 2nd half of March


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