Before You Study

Thinking about studying Protestant theology? In the following, you will find a lot of reasons why it is a great choice to study at our university of excellence and learn about the steps leading to your start as a student of Protestant theology.

If you are a visiting student, also have a look at our information especially for international students. We look forward to welcoming you to the Faculty of Protestant Theology here in Bonn!

Why Theology?

Protestant theology is about the meaning of the Christian faith. In studying Protestant theology, you will learn to give answers based on careful academic research and in dialogue with other sciences.

Furthermore, here in Bonn we understand the Christian faith to be a part of culture and society, and we examine the diversity of Christianity within different global denominations.

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Why Bonn?

Interested in studying theology at a low-cost, world-class institution? Then we would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Protestant Theology at the University of Bonn!

Immerse yourself in the centuries-long tradition of careful academic research in the heartland of the Reformation!

We offer different courses of study and degrees for this purpose.







Language Requirements

In three of its five main disciplines, Protestant theology deals with questions that require intensive study of source texts from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and church history.

Hebrew, Greek, and Latin

Some degree programs demand knowledge of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin as admission requirements:

  • the degree program “Evangelische Theologie” (Kirchl. Examen/Mag. Theol.)
  • the Master’s program “Evangelische Theologie”
  • the Bachelor’s program “Evangelische Theologie und Hermeneutik”

Greek and Hebrew/Latin

For the Master's program in Biblical Studies knowledge of Biblical Hebrew and Greek is needed.

In other courses of study only knowledge of Greek and Hebrew or Latin is required:

  • the degree program “Evangelische Religionslehre”
  • the major “Evangelische Theologie und Hermeneutik”

No Languages or Only One Language

For the Master's program in Ecumenical Studies no knowledge of the ancient languages is needed.

If you take “Evangelische Theologie und Hermeneutik” as a minor, it depends on the modules you choose whether knowledge of an ancient language is necessary.

Meet other Students

The student association welcomes and invites all current students to their events – for example the so-called Theoball.

You can reach the student association at any time via the email address, check out their Facebook page and Instagram account.

8 Steps Towards Studying

Are you starting your studies at our faculty next semester? We would like to give you a warm welcome! In eight steps, we describe what is important for starting your studies.

If you are an international student, please note that the application and enrollment process may differ from the following descriptions. Find out in which way.

Student Advising

In addition to the information you can find online and in the study handbooks, the faculty offers various types of study guidance.

Already Studying in Germany?

If you are already studying Protestant theology in Germany and thinking of changing universities, please visit our German website. There you will find all the information that might be of interest to you.


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