Examination Office

The Examination Office is responsible for the administration of examination procedures, alongside the examination boards of the degree programmes. It acts in accordance with the provisions of the various examination regulations and the specifications of the examination boards.


For questions and academic advising for prospective or current theology students.

Office Hours

Please contact the Examination Office by e-mail: pruefungsamt@ev-theol.uni-bonn.de. Office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:30 am - 11:30 am.
Submission of papers or registrations for examinations outside these times should be made via the mailbox of the Examinations Office, Rabinstraße 8, Room 3.125.1 and by e-mail in order to meet the deadline.
You are also welcome at any time outside of these hours, but the staffing can't be guaranteed. Please contact us for an appointment if you are unable to attend during open office hours.
If you have questions about doctoral studies at the Faculty of Protestant Theology, please write to: promotion@ev-theol.uni-bonn.de
Avatar Kohler

Dr. Eike Kohler

Dean of Studies

5. OG Rundbau Raum 5.015

Rabinstraße 8

53111 Bonn

Avatar Schimmel

Ilona Schimmel


Rabinstraße 8

53111 Bonn

How to Find the Examination Office

The Examination Office is located in the building Rabinstraße 8 on the third floor, room 03.122.

Examination Boards

For each degree program and each examination at the Faculty of Protestant Theology there is an examination board which ensures the proper conduct of the examinations.

Joint Examination Board

Examination Board for the faculty's German-language programs and examinations in "Bibelkunde", "Philosophie", "Religionswissenschaft" and "Interkultureller Theologie".

    Examination Boards MBSt and MESt

    Examination Boards for the degree programs Biblical Studies and (Extended) Ecumenical Studies, all leading to the degree of Master of Arts.

    Examination Board Biblical Studies


    Prof. Dr Rüggemeier


    • Prof. Dr Löhr
    • Prof. Dr Dietrich
    • Prof. Dr Saur
    • Prof. Dr Richter
    • WM Langen
    • Morthy David Samuel John Dinakaran

    Examination Board (Extended) Ecumenical Studies


    Prof. Dr Kinzig


    • Prof. Dr Richter
    • Prof. Dr Keßler
    • Prof. Dr Braun
    • WM Dr Robinson
    • Edgar Alexander Betz

    Examination Board Language Examinations

    Examination board for the language examination in Hebrew (Hebraicum) at the Faculty of Protestant Theology of the University of Bonn.

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