Systematic Theology and Hermeneutics

The subdepartment is led by Prof. Dr Cornelia Richter, Professor of Systematic Theology in Bonn since 2012.
Talking about God? Creation and climate change? What is the human being? Sin, guilt and reconcilitation? Rethinking church? Talking about death and ressurection? Dogmatics is thinking about the core sentences of Christian faith, understanding their "life story" and situational polyvalence. Important are ideas and concepts, premises and conclusions, theories and courses of action: These can be understood, methodically correct, through Hermeneutics and Philosophy of Religion. In art, music and examples from the pastoral praxis, the theories are shown clearly.
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Resilience in Religion and Spirituality

The research project is a cooperation among theology, philosophy, theological ethics / moral psychology, psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, palliative medicine, and spiritual care. It investigates resilience in relationship to what is described in discussions concerning health and health care as the “religious and spiritual dimension” of human life.

Bessere Schlaganfalltherapie durch Digitale Zwillinge

Europäische Union fördert internationales Projekt mit mehr als zehn Millionen Euro – auch der Lehrstuhl für (Sozial-)Ethik ist beteiligt

Studentische Hilfskräfte (4-10h/Woche)

Der Lehrstuhl für Sozialethik der Evangelisch-Theologischen Fakultät sucht drei studentische Hilfskräfte für zunächst 12 Monate ab 01.03.2024.

Visiting Fellowship

The Social Ethics Group Visiting Fellowship is awarded annually to doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to visit the Social Ethics Group at the University of Bonn.

Künstliche Intelligenz und globale Gerechtigkeit

Am vergangenen Mittwoch lud die Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission zu einer Lunch Lecture mit Prof. Dr. Matthias Braun und Prof. Dr. Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Direktorin IDOS German Institute of Development and Sustainability, ein.


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