20. July 2023

Aneke Dornbusch Wins REFORC Paper Award 2023 Aneke Dornbusch Wins REFORC Paper Award 2023

The paper will be published soon in REFORC's publication organs

Aneke Dornbusch
Aneke Dornbusch © Swen Pförtne
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Dr. Aneke Dornbusch, research assistant at the Chair of Church History with a focus on Reformation and Enlightenment, has won this year's paper award with the paper "Concerning the Defamation and Execution of the 'Radical' Ludwig Hätzer (1500-1529): An Attempt at Using Social Network Analysis on Small Samples" won this year's Reformation Research Consortium (REFORC) Paper Award.

She had presented the paper at the 12th REFORC conference in May 2023 in Leuven, Belgium. The award is given with 500 €; the paper will soon be published in REFORC's publication organs.

Details can be found on the REFORC website.

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