12. January 2024

Improved Stroke Treatment with Digital Twins Improved Stroke Treatment with Digital Twins

European Union is funding international project with more than ten million euros – department of (Social) Ethics involved

Prof. Dr. Matthias Braun
Prof. Dr. Matthias Braun © Gregor Hübl / Universität Bonn
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After someone has suffered a stroke or brain hemorrhage, it is a race against time to prevent their brain cells from dying. Admittedly, it still sounds like science fiction: physicians are using a digital twin to test out the most promising potential treatments for precisely this scenario. However, if all goes to plan for the researchers in the European consortium christened “Gemini” (“twin” in Latin), this could be a reality in as little as six years.

The 19 partners led by Amsterdam University Medical Center (UMC) have received a Horizon grant worth €10 million from the European Commission to tackle the project. At the University of Bonn, the department of (Social) Ethics is concerned with ethical questions.

Find details in the official press release or on the project's website.

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