25. April 2024

ExStra Funding Granted ExStra Funding Granted

ExStra Work-Study Grant renewed – funding for international students via ExStra funds

ExStra Work-Study Grant
ExStra Work-Study Grant © Evang.-Theol. Fakultät
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In the last funding round, M(E)ESt students already had the opportunity to work on a research project – now MBSt students can join in.

The offer includes five student assistant jobs. Interested applicants for the Master's programs in Biblical Studies and (Extended) Ecumenical Studies, which the faculty offers in cooperation with the Center for Religion and Society, can choose from different research projects:

  • Hebrew Bible Studies (Prof. Dr Jan Dietrich, Prof. Dr Markus Saur)
    • Anthropologies in the Ancient Near East and in Ancient Hebrew Scriptures
    • Debating Authority
  • New Testament Studies (Prof. Dr Hermut Löhr):
    • An Archeology of Jewish-Christian Morality
    • Prayer in the Ancient World
  • Historical Theology (Prof. Dr Wolfram Kinzig):
    • Abhängigkeitsstrukturen in der Alten und Frühmittelalterlichen Kirche (im Rahmen desExzellenzclusters „Beyond Slavery“)
  • Practical Theology (Prof. Dr Sabrina Müller):
    • Participatory Citizen Science and the democratization of knowledge and research
    • Postcolonial-queer Epistemologies for Power-sensitive Global Theologies
  • Religious Education (verantwortlich: Prof. Dr Hubertus Roebben):
    • ChaPTheR – Children as Participants in Theological Research

The faculty is delighted that the student assistant jobs can again be offered. Working on a research project is particularly recommended for students who are aiming for a Ph.D. after completing their Master's degree.

Details about the ExStra Work-Study Grant will soon be available on the Biblical Studies and (Extended) Ecumenical Studies website.

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