16. April 2024

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From 19 to 31 May, Prof. Dr Isaac Kalimi will be visiting the Faculty in Bonn

Isaac Kalimi
Isaac Kalimi © Isaac Kalimi
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Isaac Kalimi is considered one of the most distinguished experts on the Hebrew Bible and ancient Israeli history and religion. As part of his academic work, he has worked at various universities worldwide (including Heidelberg, Jerusalem, Chicago and Lucerne) and has received several awards for his contributions, including the Zvi and Mathilda Roifer Prize of Ben-Gurion University (2008) and the Franz Delitzsch Prize of the Institute for Israelogy of the FTA e.V. Giessen (2019).

Kalimi is a bridge builder and a pioneer for intercultural and interdisciplinary dialog between Jewish and Christian theologians. His essays The Position of Martin Luther toward Jews and Judaism: Historical, Social, and Theological Avenues and The Centrality and Interpretation of the Book of Psalms in Judaism Prior to and During Medieval Times: Approaches, Authorship, Genre, and Polemics, published last year, also offer numerous points of departure for a stimulating, continuing exchange across disciplinary boundaries.

In May, Isaac Kalimi will be pursuing his research as an International Fellow in Bonn. On Wednesday, May 22 at 8 pm, he will present his book Der Kampf um die Bibel: Jüdische Interpretation, Sektarianismus und Polemik vom Tempel zum Talmud und darüber hinaus at the Böttger bookstore and report on his current research.

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