15. March 2024

„Theology - sets you free!“ – Interview with Professor Dr. Markus Saur „Theology - sets you free!“ – Interview with Professor Dr. Markus Saur

"The Old Testament teaches me serenity."

"meine.ekir.de", the internet platform for theology students of the Protestant Church in the Rhineland, published an interview with Prof. Dr. Markus Saur by theology student Saskia Held in March 2024.

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Saskia Held confronts Prof. Dr. Markus Saur with exciting questions: What does theology do - in one sentence? Do you have to believe personally in order to study theology? How would you reform the course?

She also asks the Bonn professor of Old Testament studies with a focus on exegesis and theology about his biography and what makes the Old Testament so special to him. And there are tips for reading the Bible and encouragement for students who are in the process of learning Hebrew.

It's worthwhile and a pleasure to read this interview!

Link to the interview on meine.ekir.de

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