27. January 2023

Visiting Professor in the Summer Semester 2023 Visiting Professor in the Summer Semester 2023

Heidi A Campbell will contribute to the research and teaching of Intercultural Theology in Bonn in the summer semester.

Heidi Campbell
Heidi Campbell © Private
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Heidi A Campbell is Professor of Communication, affiliate faculty in Religious Studies and a Presidential Impact Fellow at Texas A&M University. She is also director of the Network for New Media, Religion and Digital Culture Studies and President of the International Society for Media, Religion and Culture. Her research focuses on technology, religion and digital culture, specializing in Muslim, Christian & Jewish media decision-making.

She is author of over 100 articles and books on themes related digital religion including recent books Networked Theology (2016), The Distanced Church (2020), Digital Creatives and the Rethinking Religious Authority in Digital Culture (2020) and Ecclesiology for a Digital Church (2022). She has been widely quoted as an expert on religion and digital media in outlets such as The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, Vanguardia, Wall Street Journal, and on Australian ABC Radio and BBC Radio World Service. Dr. Campbell has also received the Religious Communication Association’s Scholar of the Year Award, the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies Junior Scholars Award, the Clifford G Research Ethics Award and TAMU’s Center for Teaching Excellence in Transformational Teaching & Learning Award. She has also served as a spiritual director for 12 years under the auspices of the Episcopal Church of Texas and is a founding member of Middleway Urban Monastery.

Prof. Campbell will offer a seminar on "From Digital Religion to Digital Theology: Understanding Religion in a Technological Society" – look for details on BASIS. The opening and closing events are planned as public lectures. More details will be available soon under our event news.

We are very much looking forward to having Prof. Campbell with us in Bonn!

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