10. October 2023

Welcome to the Winter Semester 2023/24 Welcome to the Winter Semester 2023/24

On Monday, 9 October 2023, the Faculty of Protestant Theology started the new semester

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After a church service at the famous Schlosskirche of the University of Bonn, Prof. Dr Amy Jill Levine from the US gave a semester opening lecture on "How Jews and Christians Read the Same Texts Differently". She is one of several visiting scholars at the Faculty of Protestant Theology. Along with her, Prof. Dr Jay Geller, also from the US, Dr Ruben Bühner from Switzerland and Dr Tapas Ghosh, a former MESt student from India, also took part in the semester opening events.

After the Faculty had already welcomed the new lecturers from Italy and the US on Monday, there followed an introductory meeting on Tuesday with the new international students of the Faculty's MA programs Biblical Studies and (Extended) Ecumenical Studies.

We look forward to a great semester with all the old and new faces at the Faculty!

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