Day of Virtual Company Visits

Warm invitation to two Campus International events!

Semester Opening 2022/23

Introductory Meeting in presence on Wednesday, 12th October 2022, between 10.00 and 12.00

Diegesis in Mind

New weblog of Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jan Rüggemeier and Dr. Elizabeth Shively (St Andrews) online

Bonn-Oxford Seminar

Faculty exchange between the 4th and 9th of September.

Jan Rüggemeier elected to SNTS

Jun.-Prof. Dr Jan Rüggemeier elected member of the "Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas"

Dr. Holger Aulepp Foundation

Dr Holger Aulepp, former Head Physician at the Borkum Riff Rehabilitation Clinic on the North Sea island of Borkum, has formed an eponymous foundation under the umbrella of the University of Bonn Foundation.

Ceremonial Honorary Graduation

The Revd. Canon Professor Mark D. Chapman, Professor of the History of Modern Theology at the University of Oxford, has received an honorary doctorate

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