Get an overview of the projects currently being worked on in the field of Old Testament Studies. If you would like to learn more about the projects, please get in touch with the contact persons mentioned.

Prof. Dr. Jan Dietrich

Find out about the projects of Jan Dietrich, professor for Old Testament since 2020.

Prof. Dr. Jan Dietrich
© Jan Dietrich / Abteilung für Altes Testament

Jan Dietrich's Projects

Jan Dietrich is currently working on a monograph on "Hebräisches Denken im Kontext seiner Umweltkulturen".

The commentary on the Book of Leviticus is to be published in the series "Altes Testament Deutsch".

Jan Dietrich is editor of the "Handbuch Alttestamentliche Anthropologie" along with Alexandra Grund-Wittenberg, Bernd Janowski, and Ute Neumann-Gorsolke.

Along with Angelika Berlejung and Enrique Jiménez, Jan Dietrich is editor of the series "Alter Orient und Altes Testament".

Jan Dietrich, in collaboration with Christian Frevel and Joachim Schaper, organises the research network "Measuring Value and Accomodating the Gods: Abstracting from the Material in Ancient Cultures".

The research network "Ancient Epistemologies" is organised by Jan Dietrich in collaboration with Annette Schellenberg and Thomas Wagner.

Prof. Dr. Markus Saur
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Prof. Dr. Markus Saur

Find out about the projects of Markus Saur, professor for Old Testament since 2017.

Markus Saur's Projects

Markus Saur is working on the commentary on the Book of Proverbs for the series "Handbuch zum Alten Testament".

The aim is a monograph with studies on the anthropology of the Book of Kohelet.

Markus Saur is working on essays on the "wisdom psalms".

The studies on the emergence and theology of the Book of Ezekiel will also take the form of essays.

Markus Saur is a member of the Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies.

He is the editor for the area of theology for the "Wissenschaftliches Bibellexikon im Internet".

Markus Saur is co-editor of the "Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft".

Dissertation Projects

Get to know the dissertation projects currently being written in the field of Old Testament Studies at the Faculty of Protestant Theology in Bonn. In the following overview you will also find recently completed projects.

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Dissertation Projects

Carina Baedorf's project (supervisor: Markus Saur).

Ulrike Beiroth's project, completed 2020 (supervisor: Markus Saur).

Anja Block's project (supervisor: Markus Saur).

Florian Fitschen's project, completed 2018 (supervisor: Markus Saur).

Maximilian Kröger's project (supervisor: Markus Saur).

Søren Lorenzen's project (supervisor: Jan Dietrich).

Jenny Rath's project (supervisor: Jan Dietrich).

Daniel Sebastian Syska's project (supervisor: Markus Saur).

Gemeinsame Projekte
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Further Projects

Find out about other projects the Department of Old Testament Studies is involved in.

Further Projects

The Bonn Exegetical Lexicon (BEL) is intended to be a reference work that summarises and explains exegetical terms.

Where and when, and in connection with which events, was there increased settlement activity in ancient Near East and the cultural area that surrounded it? The emergence and disappearance of tells - settlement mounds - can be accurately resolved and dynamically represented geographically and temporally using modern digital representation methods, enabling novel and unexpected insights into the dynamics of cultural contacts. For this purpose, the toolset developed by Søren Lorenzen and Anika Bahr in cooperation with Bonn Center for Digital Humanities, will be used both in teaching and as a research tool at the protestant theological faculty.

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