Prof. Dr. Folkart Wittekind

Professor for Systematic Theology

Since 2021, Prof. Dr. Folkart Wittekind is Professor of Systematic Theology, Dogmatics and Ethics at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität with his office at the University of Cologne.

Director of the Ecumenical Institute

Since 2021, Prof. Dr. Folkart Wittekind is director of the Ecumenical Institute of the Faculty of Protestant Theology in Bonn.


  • 1992 doctorate in Munich
  • 1999 habilitation in Bochum
  • 2000 second theological examination
  • Since 2021 professor for Systematic Theology at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn with office at the University of Cologne
Prof. Dr. Folkart Wittekind
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Research Interests

  • Philosophy of religion since the Enlightenment
  • Dogmatics and dogma history of Protestantism
  • Cultural theology, literarture theology, theology and popular arts, religion in children's and youth literature
  • Theological modernity and secularization theories

List of publications

Ecumenical Institute

The Ecumenical Institute was founded in 1956. Its purpose is to help work together across denominational boundaries, to build a bridge to the Protestant churches of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, and to become familiar with developments in theology and the church in England and North America.


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Prof. Dr. Folkart Wittekind

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