Thorben Alles

Thorben Alles is research assistant at the Department of Systematic Theology of the Faculty of Protestant Theology at the University of Bonn.


  • Since 2022 research assistant at the Ecumenical Institute.
  • 2020-22 research assistant in in the sub-project “Hermeneutics of Resilience. Theoretical documentation, supervision and comments on research problems and results” (University of Bonn) of DFG-Research Group 2686 “Resilience in Religion and Spirituality. Endurance and the Formation of Powerlessness, Fear and Anxiety”.
  • Since 2020 work on the doctoral project.
  • 2018-20 teacher training with second state examination.
  • 2011-18 studies of Protestant theology, mathematics, educational sciences and philosophy in Bonn and Strasbourg.
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© Thorben Alles

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of science and epistemology of theology
  • Theories of reasoning
  • Theological hermeneutics
  • Ethics of argumentation
  • Fundamental theology

Visit the German page for a list of publications, presentations and teaching.

Ecumenical Institute

The Ecumenical Institute's purpose is to help work together across denominational boundaries, to build a bridge to the Protestant churches of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, and to become familiar with developments in theology and the church in England and North America.


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